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“No to Privatisation of Aer Lingus” 2005 leaflet from The Socialist Party February 12, 2015

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from 2005 a “No to Privatisation of Aer Lingus” leaflet from The Limerick Branch of The Socialist Party.



Leaflet from Joe Harrington -Peoples Democracy – Limerick East 1992 General Election June 2, 2014

A leaflet from then Councillor Joe Harrington who was running on a Peoples Democracy ticket in Limerick East in the 1992 General Election. He polled 370 votes and failed to win a seat.
Many thanks to the sender



Flyer for Gerry Collins -Fianna Fail -1967 Limerick West By-Election May 30, 2014

From the 1967 Limerick West By Election a flyer from Gerry Collins of Fianna Fail who was elected on the first count. The By-Election was caused by the death of his father James Collins who had been a TD since 1948.
Many thanks to the sender.


Water Charges “Penalising the Clean” – Richie Smith -Independent -Limerick City East May 19, 2014

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A flyer from Richie Smith who is an Independent candidate with strong views running in Limerick City East.
In June 2010 he was convicted of appalling animal abuse
Many thanks to the sender
richie smith


Leaflet from Cathal McCarthy -People’s Candidate (CPPC) -Limerick City West May 18, 2014

A leaflet from Cathal McCarthy who is running as a People’s Candidate in Limerick City West.
His website
Many thanks to the sender.




Leaflet for Lisa Marie Sheehy – Sinn Fein – Cappamore-Kilmallock -2014 Local Elections May 14, 2014

A leaflet for Lisa Marie Sheehy who is running for Sinn Fein in Cappamore-Kilmallock for a seat on Limerick County Council.
She is on Twitter @lisamariesheehy
The Campaign Facebook Page
Many thanks to the sender



Poster and Press Release from Desmond Hayes -Independent -Limerick City North May 12, 2014

A poster and Press release from Desmond Hayes who is running as an Independent in Limerick City North for a seat on Limerick County Council.
Interestingly they are “running the campaign using technology e.g. Facebook / Twitter / Email and web to market the campaign together with we have five 8′ X 4′ posters which we move around Limerick City North (Total Electorate 21,095) to the areas we are canvassing. The reaction we have been getting is positive as the electorate do not like ‘Poster Up Poles’ and Flyers on the ground.”
He is on Twitter  
His website
His Facebook
Many thanks to the sender.





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