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From 1931 a leaflet “Definite Proof of The Pulling Power of The Irish Press” March 19, 2013

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From 1931 a leaflet “Definite Proof of The Pulling Power of The Irish Press” for the attention of advertisers and advertising agents. The leaflet was also sent to Irish Press shareholders to illustrate how well the paper was doing since its launch.


1931 Letter from Eamon De Valera to Irish Press Shareholder announcing that the paper was to be published on the following Saturday January 5, 2012

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From September 2nd 1931, a letter to each shareholder in The Irish Press from Eamon De Valera. The letter announces the launch of the paper on Saturday 5th of September as well as practical ways of supporting the paper.
I’m curious to know if it would have been signed in person by De Valera, the original looks as if it may have been but given the letter mentions 8,000 shareholders its probably unlikely.


From 1924 a Share Cert and Refund from The Republican Press Fund a predecessor to the Irish Press. August 23, 2011

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Two Items from The Republican Press Fund (of which I know little about). It appears to have been a fund for the setting up of a Republican Press similar to what was later the Irish Press.
The first item is a Share application, which is addressed to Erskine Childers and Charles Murphy TD. The second item is a note refunding the money which suggests it was unsuccessful.
The Committee desire to thank you for your generous aid in the matter, and know that you regret as keenly as themselves the want of success which attended their efforts to promote a Republican Press
The names on this refund are fairly interesting from an Irish Historical viewpoint. Austin Stack is listed as Chairman, Mary Alden Childers and C. O’Murcada are listed as Hon Treasurer.

Anyone know anymore about the fund?




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