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Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -1997 General Election -Galway West March 23, 2013

From the 1997 General Election a leaflet from Independent candidate Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. In this his first General Election he polled 548 votes.

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“Labour -Standing Up for Low Paid Workers” -Leaflet from Derek Nolan -Labour -Galway West September 19, 2012

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From 2012 a leaflet from Labour Party Galway West TD Derek Nolan “Labour -Standing Up for Low Paid Workers” giving details of Labour in Government protecting the rights of workers.



Leaflet for John Donnellan, Fintan Coogan, John O’Malley -Fine Gael – Galway West -1987 General Election July 9, 2012

From the 1987 General Election a leaflet for Fine Gael Galway West candidates John Donnellan, Fintan Coogan and John O’Malley. Donnellan was elected.
John Donnellan was on the Galway 3 in a row team that won the All Ireland football title in 1964, 1965 and 1966, He captioned them in 1964. His son Michael Donnellan won two All Ireland medals with Galway.
Fintan Coogan was elected to the Dail in November 1982 but lost his seat in this 1987 election and never regained it.

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Maria Ní Dhomhnaill and Paul Campbell -Natural Law Party -1997 Galway East and Galway West May 31, 2012

From the 1997 General Election Maria Ní Dhomhnaill and Paul Campbell who were running for the Natural Law Party in Galway East and Galway West.
In Galway East Paul Campbell polled 98 votes whilst in Galway West Maria Ní Dhomhnaill polled 205 votes. They mention Yogic Flying as part of the solution to societies problems.


Featuring Éamon Ó Cuív .. 1987 and 1992 General Election Ads from Fianna Fail Galway West May 8, 2012

From the 1987 and 1992 General Elections ads for Fianna Fail Galway West candidates Éamon Ó Cuív , Frank Fahey,Maire Geoghegan Quinn and Mark Killilea.
Via the Galway Advertiser Archive



“Derek Nolan for Chairperson of The Labour Party” Leaflet April 3, 2012

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A Leaflet from Galway West Labour TD Derek Nolan from his campaign to become Chairperson of the Labour Party.
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“Delivering For Galway” – Noel Grealish -2011 General Election Galway West December 16, 2011

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From the 2011 General Election a flyer from Independent TD Noel Grealish running in Galway West. Former PD TD Grealish was elected.


From 1977 “Support the Fianna Fail Plan for National Reconstruction” August 23, 2011

From the 1977 General Election an ad for Galway West Fianna Fail candidates Maire Geoghegan Quinn , Bobby Molloy, William Loughnane and Micheal O Morain with the headline “Support the Fianna Fail Plan for National Reconstruction”. The Plan is outlined with details under the headings of Jobs, Tax, Prices and Housing.
Via The Galway Advertiser Archive


From 1989 “Why we think you should vote for Michael D.” – Mick Lally, Emmet Bergin and Noel Browne June 20, 2011

From the 1989 General Election in Galway West an Ad for Michael D Higgins with endorsements from Mick Lally, Emmet Bergin and Noel Browne, “Why we think you should vote for Michael D.” A big thing then to be endorsed by two actors from Glenroe. In Ireland it is unusual to see public figures backing Dail candidates.
Michael D held on to his seat polling 7,727 votes.
In 1987 he had a similar ad with endorsements from Mary Coughlan, Mick Lally and Noel Browne.


Anti Rod Licence Ad from the 1989 General Election urging a vote for anti Rod Licence candidates. April 6, 2011

From the 1989 General Election an Ad from the Corrib Anglers and Boatmen against the controversial Rod Licence Legislation introduced by Fianna Fail. The Ad urges votes for  5 candidates who were against the Legislation.
In that 1989 Election, an Anti Rod Licence candidate, Frank Durcan ran in Mayo West polling a very respectable 5,187 votes.


Litir um Thoghchán -Vótáil #1 Niall Ó Brolcháin -Comhaontas Glas -Iar Gaillimh February 24, 2011

Litir um Thoghchán ó Niall Ó Brolcháin den Comhaontas Glas ag seasamh i Iar Gaillimh.



Stickers from Uinseann Holmes -Independent- Galway West February 22, 2011

Stickers from Galway West Independent  candidate Uinseann Holmes. It is his first time standing for Election.

His Website


Leaflet for Trevor O Clochartaigh- Sinn Fein-Galway West-2011 General Election February 2, 2011

From the 2011 General Election, a leaflet for Sinn Fein candidate Trevor Ó Clochartaigh running in Galway West. Ó Clochartaigh had previously stood for Labour in the 2004 Local Elections.
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Leaflet in Irish for Frank Fahey-Fianna Fail -Galway West-2011 General Election February 1, 2011

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From the 2011 General Election Campaign a leaflet from Fianna Fail Galway West candidate Frank Fahey. The leaflet focuses on the Galway Bypass.
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“The “Stroke” For Galway West” Vote 1 Michael Fahy -Independent FF -1987 General Election January 9, 2011

From the 1987 General Election an Ad for Independent Fianna Fail candidate Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy.
The Slogan of “The “Stroke” For Galway West” is fairly eye catching.
I gather he failed to get a party nomination and ran as an Independent Fianna Fail candidate.
He later rejoined the party. He is perhaps most widely known for his Misappropriation conviction for which he served time in jail.
In the 1987 Election he polled 3,139 votes and missed out on a seat. He is still a Councillor having been reelected in 2009.
From the Galway Advertiser.


“Why We Think You Should Vote For Michael D.” -Mick Lally, Noel Browne, Mary Coughlan- 1987 GE January 8, 2011

Found this recently, an ad from the 1987 General Election Campaign with three people very much associated with Galway at the time, the late Mick Lally, the late Noel Browne and singer Mary Coughlan asking for a vote for Michael D.
“Why We Think You Should Vote For Michael D.”


Feb 1982-”The Coalition has taken away the right of YOUR child to enter this school at 4 years of age.Fianna Fail will Put This Right” January 7, 2011

An intriguing Fianna Fail ad from the February 1982 General Election with the message…
The Coalition has taken away the right of YOUR child to enter this school at 4 years of age. Fianna Fail will Put This Right
I’m not sure as to the background and what the coalition proposals about School going age were.
The ad asks for a vote for the Fianna Fail candidates in Galway West, Frank Fahey, Maire Geoghegan Quinn, Bobby Molloy, Mark Killilea and Nicholas O’Connor.
Taken from the wonderful Galway Advertiser site.


Dana Rosemary Scallon -Independent- 2002 General Election -Galway West December 18, 2010

From the 2002 General Election ads for Independent candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon running in Galway West.
Having polled well in the 1997 Presidential Election and been elected to the European Parliament in 1999, Dana was expected to poll well. However she polled just 1,677 votes in this 2002 election and failed to win a seat.




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