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1979 ‘EEC Nuclear Declaration’ leaflet from The Irish Sovereignty Movement July 27, 2015

From 1979 an Anti Nuclear leaflet from The Irish Sovereignty Movement. According to wikipedia

The Irish Sovereignty Movement was a political lobby group in the 1970s and 1980s fronted by Anthony Coughlan who was its chairman. It held meetings and produced publications campaigning on various political issues mainly to do with Irish Independence and its relationship with the Common Market, EEC and European Community, Irish neutrality, as well as Northern Ireland.

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ISM page1



“Support The Armstrong Workers Occupation” posters and calendars from Dublin Mid 1970’s July 23, 2015

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Various parts of Ireland had factories that assembled cars. There were factories in Wexford , Cork , Tipperary and many in Dublin. One factory was Armstrongs in Ringsend which in the 70’s assembled Minis and other Leyland brands. The factory was on Ringsend Road and the Archway entrance to it is still visible (pic below taken from Google Maps).
These posters and Calendars come from the Occupation of Armstrongs which lasted a number of years.
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Leaflet from Peter O’Loughlin -Identity Ireland -2015 Carlow Kilkenny Bye Election July 22, 2015

A Leaflet from Peter O’Loughlin who ran for Identity Ireland in the 2015 Carlow Kilkenny Bye Election. He polled 930 votes.
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“Who is he?” leaflet from Naoise Ó Muirí -Fine Gael -Dublin Bay North July 21, 2015

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An eyecatching leaflet from Cllr Naoise Ó Muirí of Fine Gael who was recently selected to run for the party in Dublin Bay North at the next General Election.
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“The Republican Resistance Calendar 1990″

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“The Republican Resistance Calendar 1990″ which contains various posters from the first 20 years of The Troubles. It’s fairly big so I have uploaded it in pdf
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From 1937 lyrics to “The Good Ship Fine Gael” An Election Ballad July 16, 2015

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From 1937 lyrics to “The Good Ship Fine Gael”An Election Ballad sung to the tune of “The Glen of Aherlow
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From 1981 “We’ll Be There….A Song For Fianna Fail’ July 14, 2015

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Fianna Fail 1981 General Election song. I’m told that it was probably sung by Cathal Dunne, nephew of Jack Lynch. Cathal represented Ireland in the 1979 Eurovision. Apologies for the quality in the second half of the song especially.
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