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“Spoil Your Vote..and Spoil it early” from Republican News -1973 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections October 30, 2014

From an “Evening Edition” of Republican News dated the 27th of June 1973 a ‘Ten Point Summary’ as to why Repubicans should spoil their vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections which took place the following day.


Leaflets from Kevin Lynch- H-Block -1981 General Election -Waterford January 3, 2014

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From the 1981 General Election Leaflets from Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch who was running in Waterford. He polled 3,337 votes but failed to win a seat. He died on the 1st August 1981.
Many thanks to the sender



“Don’t Let More Prisoners Die In The Blocks” -June 1981 Leaflet from Cabra H-Block Group October 8, 2013

From late June 1981 a leaflet issued by the Dublin7/ Cabra H-Block Group “Don’t Let More Prisoners Die In The Blocks” .At this stage four of the Hunger Strikers had died. Bobby Sands, Kieran Doherty and Paddy Agnew had all been elected to The Dail or Westminster. The leaflet also advertises activities that were coming up.


Flyer for an Anti Internment Public Meeting Sat 14th September featuring Clare Daly and others September 9, 2013

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A flyer for an Anti Internment meeting to be held on Saturday the 14th of September in The Teachers Club. Amongst those speaking are Clare Daly, Pauline Mellon and Dee Fennell.


‘Seventy Seven Arguments Against The Treaty’.. Every Vote for The Free State is a vote for 777 More Executions. August 21, 2013

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A striking poster from I would imagine the lead up to the June 1927 General Election regarding executions in the Civil War. The ‘Seventy Seven Arguments Against The Treaty’ refers to the 77 executions during the Civil War (this figure is disputed and may have been 81).
We also have quotes from Patrick Hogan and Kevin O’Higgins
“You did not think we’d Execute Irishmen, We did and we’ll bloody well execute again!”
“I stand by the seventy-seven executions and seven hundred and seventy seven more if necessary”
Some information on Executions during the Civil War

I took a picture of this poster at a recent visit to Kilmainham Gaol which is well worth a visit.



‘Fight Back!’ -Leaflet from The National Republican Party (A New Party) August 20, 2013

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‘Fight Back!’ a leaflet from The National Republican Party who are a new party. It was distributed in Clondalkin in the Dublin Mid West Constituency. I’m not sure if the party intend to contest the 2014 Local Elections.
Their website as listed on the leaflet.
Many thanks to the sender.


“One Ireland One Vote- All Ireland Referendum Now!” leaflet from The 1916 Societies August 7, 2013

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A leaflet from The 1916 Societies “One Ireland One Vote- All Ireland Referendum Now!” calling for an All Ireland Border poll rather than just a poll in Northern Ireland.
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