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“Why You should Vote YES” -1975 UK Referendum on withdrawal from the EEC December 11, 2011

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In 1975 the UK held a Referendum on withdrawal from the EEC (there was no Referendum on the UK’s entry to the EEC) . The Referendum asked
Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?

17,378,581 (67.2%) voted Yes and 8,470,073 (32.8%) voted No.
This leaflet is from the “Britain in Europe” group which was a cross party grouping.



Joe Sherlock -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party – 1981 General Election Cork East December 10, 2011

From the 1981 General Election, a historic election for Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party as Joe Sherlock became their first TD (since the split). Sherlock was first elected to Cork County Council in 1974.
.His electoral record at
He is the father of current Labour TD Sean Sherlock


Leaflet from Hugh Lewis -People Before Profit -2009 Local Elections Ballybrack December 9, 2011

From the 2009 Local Elections a leaflet from People Before Profit candidate Hugh Lewis who was running in Ballybrack. Lewis polled 2,175 votes and was easily elected.



Garret Fitzgerald 1986 Divorce Referendum “I call on the women of Ireland to vote YES” December 8, 2011

From the 1986 Referendum on Divorce, Fine Gael Leader and then Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald calls “… on the women of Ireland to vote YES”.
The Referendum was defeated.


Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001

From May, June , July and August 2001 , five issues of the SWP paper ‘Socialist Worker’. They are in *.pdf form, click on image or on the link below the image to open each issue.

May 24th 2001 -No To Nice Headline



Leaflet from Timmy Conway -Progressive Democrats -1989 General Election -Kildare December 7, 2011

From the 1989 General Election a leaflet from Progressive Democrat candidate Timmy Conway who was running in Kildare. Naas based Conway polled 2,126 votes and failed to win a seat. He had previously been a Labour Party Councillor and Senator. He later went on to Join Fine Gael but lost his seat on Kildare County Council and Naas Town Council in 2004. In 2009 he stood as an Independent for Naas Town Council and missed out on a seat.



“Stand Up For Kildare” – Catherine Murphy -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Celbridge December 6, 2011

From the 1991 Local Elections a leaflet from then Workers Party candidate Catherine Murphy with the headline “Stand Up For Kildare”. Running in the Celbridge Ward she polled 1,242 votes and was elected on the third count.
She is now an Independent TD for Kildare North.



“2004 Budget Highlights” leaflet from Ivor Callely -Fianna Fail -Dublin North Central December 5, 2011

From Ivor Callely a leaflet  “2004 Budget Highlights” with details of the 2004 budget. Very different times as Ivor writes  “In Ireland we enjoy an economy today that is the envy of many of our European neighbours…” followed by “…a time for good courage and strong leadership.



“Front – Line” Issue 1 – A 1984 Newsletter from the Miners Strike in the UK (Nottingham) December 4, 2011

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Not Irish I know, but thought it may be of interest. The first issue of a newsletter “Front-Line” from week 48 of the Miners Strike in the UK. It was produced by striking Nottingham miners. As 1984 closes they look forward to “Victory in 85″.
I’ve a few more of these that I’ll post in due course.



From 1948 “Fianna Fail has a Plan” December 3, 2011

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From the 1948 General Election campaign “Fianna Fail has a Plan” containing details of their plan. Agriculture, Industry, Housing and Health are amongst the areas covered.

Click Image to Enlarge


From 1998 an Ad for the Fianna Fail ‘Church Gate’ National Collection December 2, 2011

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From 1998 a simple Ad for The Fianna Fail National Collection. With a studious Bertie as the backdrop.


From 1980 a postcard commemorating 21 years of Margaret Thatcher as an MP. December 1, 2011

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From 1980 a simple postcard commemorating the twenty -first anniversary of the election of Margaret Thatcher as an MP. There is a brief bio on the back.



From Christmas 1988 Issue 2 of the Shamrock Rovers Fanzine ‘The Glenmalure Gazette’

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From Christmas 1988 Issue 2 of the Shamrock Rovers Fanzine ‘The Glenmalure Gazette’ . At this stage Milltown had been sold but the fight to keep Rovers at Milltown was still very much on. We get news of some of the goings on around the campaign, details of how the developers would have to get planning permission, bids from later Rovers Chairman (and owner) John McNamara.
One of the highlights are The letters pages where we get all sorts including a letter of support from the band The Housemartins and one from the Rovers Legend Kitty Mellon complaining about a cartoon suggesting her dog Cindy had got fat.
Lots of anti Bohs stuff, reviews of other fanzines and Match programmes, rumours, 10 good reasons for supporting Rovers, the £5 Rovers Quiz , a spotlight on Bohs player John Reynor and lots more besides.
Apologies that I wasn’t able to get it into pdf format.



“Save Ulster with the Ulster Democratic Unionist Association” Leaflet ..from the early 80s? November 30, 2011

Got this recently , a leaflet from the ‘Ulster Democratic Unionist Association Co. Londonderry’, outlining their aims and objectives. I think its from the early 80s but can’t be sure. I can’t find anything online about them. I presume that they were linked to the Democratic Unionist Party.
If anyone has any details of the group I’d love to know.


From 2006 “A New Heart for Dublin” -Progressive Democrat Proposals for a new High Rise Quarter where Dublin Port was (with great pics) November 29, 2011

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This is quite interesting, its from early 2006 and the PD’s propose moving Dublin Port to Drogheda using a comparison with Helsinki. The move was to happen over a 20 year period with a ‘New Quarter’ proposed where Dublin Port was.
This ‘New Quarter’ was to be filled with high rise buildings, a port for cruise liners and much more.
As the last days of the Celtic Tiger were still in full swing the image of what Dublin may have looked like had the madness gone on.



Flyer from David Monaghan -Independent -2009 Local Elections -Naas

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From the 2009 Local Elections a flyer from Independent candidate David Monaghan who was running in Naas. Monaghan polled 129 votes and failed to win a seat.



“Theres more than one way to capture the World Cup” -Ronnie Whelan Italia ’90 ad for Video Recorders November 28, 2011

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Something slightly different to what I normally post…. But found it in an old Italia 90 magazine at home. Ronnie Whelan advertising Mtsubishi Televisions and Videos.


Postcard to Enda Kenny seeking a Papal Visit and reopening of Irelands Embassy to the Holy See

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From the Ireland Stand Up Campaign , a postcard to Enda Kenny looking for the Irish Embassy to the Vatican to be reopened. They also want an invite for” Pope Benedict  XVI to Ireland for the closing ceremonies of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress June 10th-17th 2012 in Croke Park, Dublin”




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